[X4U] Windows 7, Bootcamp, Snow Leopard and Mac mini

Robert Ameeti robert at ameeti.net
Thu Jul 15 09:16:31 PDT 2010

Are there no drivers for the Okidata impact printer on the Mac?

At 10:05 AM -0500, 7/15/10, Joe Sporleder wrote:

>I am needing to print labels to an Okidata 
>impact printer - I am currently using Filemaker 
>Pro 8.x on an HP running Windows XP Pro. 
>Unfortunately, that machine has to do duties 
>elsewhere to replace a dead bookkeeping PC. We 
>are a print shop and our dominate computer OS is 
>Mac OS X. I'm trying to decide whether to get a 
>basic dedicated Windows 7 PC to take over the 
>label computer, or installing Windows 7 and the 
>PC version of Filemaker on the most recent 
>previous generation or a current generation 
>unibody Mac mini (4GB of RAM minimum) using 
>Bootcamp under Snow Leopard. Anyone on this list 
>running Windows 7 on a Mac mini, using Bootcamp? 
>If so, how's that working out for you? Fast 


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