[X4U] Stop playing music on iPad

Paul Moortgat paul.moortgat at pandora.be
Fri Jul 30 11:46:03 PDT 2010

When I'm in the Home screen, I press the Home button twice and I get  
the option a close option which doesn't work.
Where's the stop button in in iPod app?  Pause is not stop.  An  
(illegal?) app "ipodpop" might do the trick, but I can't find it.
Shut the iPad down is the only option.

Paul Moortgat

On 30 Jul 2010, at 19:44, Robert Ameeti wrote:

> At 6:00 PM +0200, 7/30/10, rafa espada wrote:
>> In the app I press the home button (as I do for other apps) but I  
>> just go to the home page and the music keeps playing.
> Do you not like that you can play music while in other apps?
> If you started the music by pressing the Play button in the iPod  
> app, then you can stop it if you wish by pressing the Stop button in  
> the iPod app. Or as others have suggested, you can use the mini  
> controller by pressing the Home button twice.
> But as to your comment:
>>> Switching off the iPad is such a stupid solution.  Aren't they not  
>>> smarter at Apple?
> I would rethink that question.

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