[BTM] t68i - Address book SMS stupidity

Jason Davies jason at ophiochos.org.uk
Sat Jul 26 17:34:46 PDT 2003

>I just can't figure it out. I can SMS (only tried my father via
>t-mobile) and that is no sweat.
>Apple says I can SMS via BT and Address Book.  I don't get it and I
>think I need to be talked to like a 2yr. old.
>http://www.apple.com/bluetooth/ Apple quotage: .... [t68i pic in the
>para] Address Book on you Mac instead. Address Book also lets you send
>SMS messages over your mobile phone, and will display SMS messages
>from your phone — in a much larger window on your Mac. ... End Quotage
>any thoughts?  I am sure this is so silly.  Thanks.

I don't actually understand the problem. You say you can SMS. If you have
Bluetooth switched on and the Address book connected, new SMS that come in
will show up on  your screen.

Do you mean you can SMS on the phone? ie the connection works?

Open the address book and click on the BT icon, It goes blue when it is
connected (top, right of centre of the window). When it is thus connected,
the Mac will show you your SMS messages.

have you paired your phone and your mac?

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