[BTM] t68i - Address book SMS stupidity

Mark O'Brien rmobrien at mac.com
Sat Jul 26 17:42:58 PDT 2003

On 7/26/03 8:17 PM, "Erik Gilchrist" <erikgil at metagrafix.com> wrote:

> Apple says I can SMS via BT and Address Book.  I don't get it and I
> think I need to be talked to like a 2yr. old.

First question: Do you see a Bluetooth icon (angular "B") on a button at the
top left of your Address Book window when you've turned bluetooth on and
your phone and Mac are paired?

If so, and the "B" is black or grayed out, click on the button. If it's dark
blue, it means Address Book can see your T68i.

Next, find your contact in the Address Book. Click and hold on the word
"Mobile" next to their mobile number, and you'll see a choice of "Large
Type", "SMS", and "Dial". Choose "SMS" and a little window will open with a
blank area for your message. Type it in and click "Send".

That's it! If somebody SMS's you, and you've done all the above, their SMS
will appear in its own window on your Mac. And if a regular voice call comes
in to your T68i, a window will open on your Mac with either the name of the
person calling (if they're in your Address Book) or "unknown caller". You
can choose to answer, send the call to voice mail, or reply with an SMS.


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