sound, ouch!

Charles Martin chasm at
Sun Apr 6 00:41:41 PST 2003

> From: Don Hinkle <donhinkle at>
> I just tried recording music from a regular tape, in a small walkman
> type play unit, through an iMic connection into my iBook, to an
> application called MicNotePad, which has generally been good for spoken
> voice recording. (Then I hoped to convert that file into an AIFF or
> MP3...) Anyway, the input was scratchy and generally lousy.
>   I'm looking for a good way to convert old music tapes into digital
> format. I also have a flatpanel iMac. Any advice? thanks,

This should work fine. You probably just need to "flip the switch" on 
your iMic -- there are two settings, lo-impedence and hi-impedence. You 
probably have yours set incorrectly for amplified sound.

You might also try Coaster (OS 9 and earlier only), which I used to use 
for such purposes when I was in OS 9. I loved it.


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