Beloved clamshell's best features

e.mkeene e.mkeene at
Tue Dec 9 20:17:49 PST 2003

> Especially women ;o)  His daughter probably loves her clamshell ibook
> b/c of it's style.  That's why I love mine.  For example, my husband
> wants a car that is fast, but I want a car that looks good...  see what
> I mean?

The choice of blueberry was a brilliant choice, the design was 
marvelous, I loved the handle and the clamshell hinge but my favorite 
feature was the keyboard. Never before and never again will we see the 
likes of it for comfort.

The clamshell hinge had a mojor advantage over the icebooks and 
snowbooks IMHO, if I was working on something and the processor was 
doing its think, I would just close the top about 60%, pick up the 
handle, walk somewhere else and the ibook would just keep chugging 
while I relocated. Really great for working while waiting in waiting 

It was my first laptop and i doubt I would ever have been tempted to 
buy a laptop if it were not for the clamshell and its blueberry color. 
Because of how comfortable it is to type on, I will never abandon it. I 
plan on making it my "serious" writing

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