[P1] USB infrared adapter on G3 ibook OSX

Larry Kollar kollar at alltel.net
Thu Dec 11 17:15:13 PST 2003

Christopher Hack wrote:

> .... Indeed the adapter does claim on the box to be "Mac
> compatible". It also shows up in the system profiler as "IrDA/USB 
> Bridge".
> But I can't get any further than that. I am trying to connect to a 
> Nokia
> mobile phone, to use it as a modem. I assume the next stage is to go 
> into
> Network, and find the device there. But it never appears.

It may be an issue of the Mac not recognizing the Nokia phone.
Presumably, you know to hit (on the phone) Menu, scroll down
to "Infrared," and choose it to see "IR reception activated" -- then
put the phone about a foot from the IR adapter & see if it shows
up in the System Profiler.

If you're lucky, you should get a message about a modem being
detected.... But Nokia doesn't seem to know about Macs & doesn't
seem to *want* to know.

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