[P1] Reviving a dead clamshell battery

Brian Pearce bpearce at cloud9.net
Tue Dec 23 13:34:26 PST 2003

> If you're hesitant to buy the charger, you could always send your 
> battery to me, and I'd be willing to give it a try with my VST 
> charger. But if this is a two or three year old battery, it's probably 
> getting towards the end of its' useful life, and the VST charger won't 
> be of much help. (It wasn't for me.)

I should add here that the main reason I bought the VST charger was 
that it comes with an iBook adapter; by buying the charger, I was able 
to replace my worn out adapter for about half the price of buying a new 
one alone, *and* get the charger, too.

BRIAN/bpearce at cloud9.net

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