Airport Problems

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Fri Dec 26 01:55:25 PST 2003

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> Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 00:45:58 -0500
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> Subject: Re: [P1] Airport problems
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> As an update, the router is registering the ibooks ip and hostname 
> (icebook) under the DHCP table of connected computers.
> DHCP Client Table
>   Host Name IP Address MAC Address Expired Time
>   icebook 00-30-65-27-60-55 Jan/02/2004 00:42:02
>   unknown 00-08-74-BE-00-46 Jan/01/2004 14:59:56
> Unknown is my pentium 4, the G4 is asleep.
> The ibook is leasing an IP, it's recognized by the router, and the 
> ibook works if I hook it up directly to the router through an ethernet 
> cord. It just won't load the internet wirelessly. All help is 
> appreciated!
> Thanks

OK, that says that MAC device # 00-30-65-27-60-55 has been given IP 
address  . The question is, which of the two devices on the 
iBook (wireless or ethernet) has got MAC address 00-30-65-27-60-55? Is 
it the wireless adapter or the ethernet?

You can check the assigned IP addresses on the iBook itself. Go to 
Terminal and type in this command:
ipconfig getifaddr en0

(that's for the built-in ethernet) or:

ipconfig getifaddr en1

(that's for the wireless adapter).

I have a feeling that you're not actually getting an ip address via 
DHCP for the wireless adapter.... The commands above will test this.

Tom Burke

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