[P1] FYI: New iBooks, no dual-boot

Mark Kippert maclists at kippert.com
Fri May 2 10:19:59 PDT 2003

Marc van Gemert on 5/2/03 3:58 AM wrote:

> Just back from the Apple Store, picked up a 900 MHz
> iBook/12,1"/40GB/384MB/combo drive for a friend of mine (well he
> actually came along to get it himself :-). Just heard from the guys
> there selling it that the new range of iBooks (800 & 900 MHz) cannot
> dual-boot anymore, they only run Jaguar (10.2.4 to be exact) and up, and
> can only run OS 9 via Classic.
> Just a FYI.
> Marc

That really come as no surprise. Apple announced quite a while ago that in
January 2003, systems would no longer be dual boot.



However I had also read back around January (but can't find a reference at
the moment) that they extended that deadline to sometime in April for
certain models, iBooks and eMacs I believe, because of the large number of
educational users (schools) who still need to boot into OS9 since they have
a lot of OS9 based applications. Plus being forced to transition to OSX
during a school year creates a lot of difficulties for them.


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