[P1] OT: Broadband pricing in Fort Lauderdale

Dan Farley danfarley at mac.com
Thu Apr 1 18:15:02 PST 2004

That sucks - but you probably find that your business electric and phone
prices are also skewed to impact your bottom line!

I'd be looking for a neighbor office to share with.

Good Luck

> I'm pulling my hair about two-tiered pricing:
> locally, residential cable or DSL is $30, but if I want it in my office it's
> a minimum of $90 for the exact same service (DSL, cable not available).
> Discounts are only possible if you sell every of your next three newborns
> into slavery and committ to 99-year servicecontracts.
> What's up with that?
> And does anyone local know about a better alternative to FDN and BellSouth
> (Earthlink not available in my office)?
> Thanks,
> -tobias. 

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