[P1] Dead iBook dual-USB combo drive-HELP Please!

Kyotc at aol.com Kyotc at aol.com
Thu Apr 1 21:06:57 PST 2004

(( > My drive door will open w/both the hardware and software options, I 
> can hear
> it TRY to spin up with a disc inserted but NO startup.

Try a CD disc cleaner first

    Well I had the same problem a few months ago with my iBook, the drive 
spinned then stopped then spinned again then went ka-put! This went on for maybe 
three months. It turned out the drive was just at that point in which it 
needed to be replaced. I tried everything, from cd disc cleaners to the hardware 
test cd. I finally took it to my local authorized apple reseller and they told 
me the drive needed to be replaced. $220.00 to replace the drive in my iBook, 
Ouch! Applecare ran out before the drive went  on the fritz
    The repair guy said that all iBooks with combo drives or just plain dvd 
drives are more prone to be burnt out within a 3yr span of the iBooks life due 
to the fact that most people leave cds or dvds in the drive. The drives spin 
every few minutes performing a self-check to see whether the disc is being read 
or not (that is in actual use) and get worn out faster because of the usage. 
Thus causing the symtoms in which you are experiencing as did I. So he told me 
to leave the drive empty unless I'm actually using the drive, It'll make the 
drive last longer. Any rate I hope you don't have to get that drastic in 
repair costs.


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