[P1] iBook Firewire Problems

Scott Warren sw at shelton.org
Tue Apr 20 10:08:25 PDT 2004

We have 80+ laptops here and while the firewire port is hardly used by 
our users, no problems have been linked to the FW port.  Us IT folk use 
the heck out of our fw ports and I have not seen an issue with them 

On Apr 20, 2004, at 10:09 AM, Larry Blodgett wrote:

> I have a white 2 usb iBook.  The firewire port failed just beyond the 
> warranty period.  So I am naturally hesitant to buy another iBook.  
> Many have had this same problem and when failure occurred within the 
> warranty period they returned the iBook to Apple several times for 
> repair.
> I want to buy a new iBook and I want firewire too.  Are the new 
> firewire ports as vulnerable to failure or has there been a fix for 
> the past failures?  I will definitely purchase the extended warranty.
> Thanks for any help you can give.
> Larry Blodgett
> lblodgett at mac.com
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