[P1] my sleep/lockup problems traced?

RP McKay richard.mckay1 at virgin.net
Tue Aug 3 08:24:56 PDT 2004

On 3/8/04 12:50 am, "Reid Conti" <rconti at gmail.com> wrote (in part):

> First, I'm streaming music using 802.11b to a base station, which is
> then streaming it out to  the AX.  The base stations obviously don't
> like this consistant streaming, sometimes they start skipping before
> they crap out entirely.  Cheap base stations not liking high data
> rates?  No clue, although I don't seem to recall having this problem
> when I've done several-hour local network file transfers one-way via
> wireless, which is clearly more demanding on maximum bandwidth on the
> wireless.  I'm thinking (hoping?) that if the laptop and base station
> were both G-compatable, and of course could talk G to the AX, I would
> not have this problem.

Have read a lot of this sort of thing on different lists lately. There seems
to be some issues with mixed 802.11b and 802.11g wireless set-ups. I have
read that if the entire set-up is 'g' type then all is well, and if
everything is 'b' all is well, only when there is a mixture of b and g cards
and stations, etc... Does there seem to be issues?

Maybe this is what is happening to you as well?

No solutions or work arounds as yet (other than going completely 'g'
compatible) but hope this helps anyway.



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