Replace iBook HD

William Carr Jkirk3279 at
Thu Aug 5 21:16:03 PDT 2004

Forgive me if this is a repost, I can't recall.

Weeks ago, the HD in my iBook 600 quit.

I managed to clone everything off, so I'm running from Firewire.   Just 
a bit slow waking from sleep, and of course I can't take the iBook 

Now, I'm going to have to replace this sometime.  Sigh.

I reformatted the original HD.   Everything seemed fine.

I tried re-installing Panther.   It went most of the way through and 
failed.  Tried again and again, it failed three times.   So I unmounted 
it and gave up.

I rebooted a couple of days ago, and the internal HD mounted fine.   
And I wondered why it will mount but I can't install Panther on it.

So, it's overheating?   Were there any recalls on these IBM drives or 
did I just get unlucky ?  Mean Time Between Failures is supposed to be 
... what ?    I thought it was supposed to be 4 years?  Is it less for 
notebook drives?

I need a 2.5 inch, therefore 9.5 MM notebook HD.

Can I get a testimonial on what brand HD to get?

I already checked with   I can send it in and get it fixed 
for about $200 after shipping.

I've got the torx bits, maybe I'll fix it myself.


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