Hard disk crash file recovery

Alexandre Leroux alexandre at leroux.net
Fri Aug 6 09:04:30 PDT 2004

Dear list members,

I just had bad news about the hard disk I was using with my iBook. It 
crashed while I was on holidays (and of course, I was planning to do 
backups when I get back).

The disk is still on warranty, but before replacing it, I'm ready to 
pay to recover the files on it if possible. The tech at my 
Apple-reseller tried unsuccessfully with some software. He told me 
other companies could be able to recover the files. He specified "smart 
error" and "possible head crash". For your information, the disk does 
not mount at all, it makes an abnormal noise.

Do you know (if possible, in Canada), a company that could try to 
recover the files?
Will this void the warranty?

What else can I do?

Thank you very much !

Alex :-)

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