[P1] Hard disk crash file recovery

Alexandre Leroux alexandre at leroux.net
Mon Aug 9 06:42:48 PDT 2004


A followup. Thanks to Bill, Scott and Erik for inputs.

I did call vitaldata.ca (waking up the girl on call :-) and they have 
rates starting at 600$Can. A price I'm not ready to pay. Similar to 
Bill's lost iPhoto library, it's all my iTunes songs that are gone. I 
can re-rip, but all the ratings and metadata I piped into iTunes will 
need relinking. Huge work ahead.

I might have a backup, but I emptied the trash on the Hard Disk I 
though I would not need anymore. I'm thinking of purchasing TechTool 
Pro 4, at 60$US for AppleCare members, in order to "unerase" files.

My question:
Is there other software than TechTool Pro 4 you suggest to recover 
emptied-trash files?
After a search, I found Prosoft's Data Rescue at the same price (I'm 
downloading the demo as writing, to be certain the files I'm looking 
for are on the disk). There's Alsoft's DiskWarrior too. DiskWarrior 
seems to have very good reviews. I only need the unerase feature right 

What's your favorite ?! :-)

Thanks :-)


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