[P1] problems insatlling OS 9.2.1 CD on Ibook 700

spw stevepwats at prodigy.net
Mon Aug 9 11:13:59 PDT 2004

--- Richard Meyeroff <rem at meyeroff-c-c.com> wrote:

> You have a couple of problems
> 1. 9.2.1 can only be installed on a computer that has 9.1 installed.


According to the Ibook guide above it's 9.2.1/X 10.1.
I can't recall if it had 9.1 or 9.2 installed so I called tech support where I bought the Ibook
from and the tech-guy said I needed to find a "retail" version of OS 9.2.1. Apple sent me the
wrong CD even though OS 9.2.1 is the correct OS.
He said he incounters the same problem with certain Ibook and Imac models and doesn't know the
reason why. 
Neither did the Apple tech support person who recommended buying OS 9.2.2. And was baffled why the
installer did not work after I reinitialized the hardrive over the phone.

> 2. you should have thew original disks that you got with the iBook.

Unfortunately it was a used model which did not include the original OS CD.
I should have spent the extra on a new Ibook since it includes OSX and classic would probably work
with the mail in OS 9.2.1 offer.

> If you don't have the original disks see if you can find some who 
> will let you copy their OS 9.2.1 or .2.2 to your hard drive. and then 
> install the version of OS X as above.

That's kind of disappointing to be honest.
It's only a two year old computer and yet you have to play scavenger hunt for the correct OS CD
installer just to get classic up and running.
I thought classic would be a part of OS X where older Mac applications can launch.

This is my first experiance with OS X and it reminds me of Windows.
How you empty the trash, the back and forward buttons like a web browser and that stupid animated
icon menu at the bottom which always gets in the way.
A big thumbs down. Apple = money pit. Trying to be a more aesthetically pleasing Microsoft.


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