[P1] OT Playing AVI files

Matthew Cave cavem at ihug.co.nz
Thu Jul 1 16:01:49 PDT 2004

VLC is probably the best I've found - BUT it is very dependant on the
machines processor and ram.

On 7/2/04 10:57 AM, "Brian Olesky" <brian4 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> I have the 600 mghz G3 with 384 MB of Ram.
> What's the best way to play AVI files?
> QuickTime Player often can't read them, and/or usually freezes a short way
> in.
> VLC usually gives me an error message saying there's either something wrong
> with the file or my computer's running too slow to play them back, and gives
> up.
> The best I've found is MPlayerOSX, but it often stutters frame by frame
> through them, or in some cases plays them back but in lower res than I'd
> expect. And of course, sometimes it can't play them at all.
> Any better ideas out there? Or is the 600 w/384 MB of Ram just not powerful
> enough for this? (It plays MPEG and WMV files just fine.)
> Also, can these files be converted to some other format that will work
> better?
> And while I'm at it, speaking of QuickTime, I've discovered that quite
> often, it'll play back an MPEG file just fine, then stop like it's played
> the whole thing when it's actually just played a small portion (this just
> happens with larger files). So I'll try the same file with MPlayerOSX and
> find out that there's actually much more movie there that QuickTime never
> played. In other words, it'll take a 10 min. movie, play 3 minutes, the
> pointer will reach the end of the graph line, and it'll end. Is there a way
> to fix this? A preference file or something that needs to be adjusted to
> allow QuickTime to play longer files?
> Brian
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