[P1] Updating Linksys Router Firmware

Jean-Paul Thuot jeanpaul at zhenwu.org
Fri Jul 2 08:32:36 PDT 2004

Ok Scott, it was funny the first time...

j/k, this is a very politely written RTFM answer, well done.


On 02/07/2004, at 23:03, Scott Warren wrote:

> Are you saying that you have tried and can not do the firmware 
> upgrade??
> Lets not talk apple and windows and routers here... lets talk web:
> - Download the firmware upgrade file and keep is somewhere handy.  
> Make sure you unzip the file and have the code.bin file.  Like the 
> website listed suggested, if the firmware file is an EXE file, rename 
> it to ZIP and then Mac can unzip it.
> - You go to a website at  and any browser can get there.  
> This is the setup screen for the router, but its still just a web 
> site.  You enter your password and you are into the router.
> - On the webpage (router setup) you go to the setup screen and it has 
> a upload spot, just like other websites.
> - Click on browse and point it to your file, the browser uploads the 
> file, and all is good.
> When Linksys says they do not support Apple, that just means they have 
> not written scripts for their highly trained professional tech support 
> staff to read from.  It also means that the bundled software they sent 
> with the router does not include a Mac version.  You do not need the 
> bundled software to use the router, you do not need any software other 
> than a web browser (IE, Safari, Opera,....) to get to the setup 
> screens.

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