[P1] iphoto/Itunes questions about slideshow

Chip Matteson chip at moonlightphoto.net
Mon Jul 5 11:04:59 PDT 2004

Some of these do not answer the specific question, I would like to share
some experiences....

1. I did have an iPhoto slide show that had too many photos for too little
music time . I extended the song in iMovie, (spliced out a piece and stuck
in the middle of the full version of the song). I exported the extended
version to a qt and re-import the qt version into iTunes. You could make a
music montage in iMovie the same way with fades and such then export it in a
way iTunes can import.

2. Different albums can have their own show but you will need to change the
song before playing each. There is no rule against putting a picture from
the main library in multiple albums.

3. You could export each show into QuickTime and play it there or on the

4. Books schnooks, who needs a manual? Wait, I cold use a good manual for
Flash. Any suggestions?


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