[P1] The eternal dilemna question...stop, ou...encore!

Pierre-Paul Savard pablocito24 at videotron.qc.ca
Mon Jul 12 05:10:18 PDT 2004

Thank you Christian!
Exactly the type of comment I was looking/hoping for!

> What do you sacrifice by taking the iBook instead of the Powerbook:
> Internal bluetooth capability (which, unless you happen to own a
> compatible Bluetooth cell phone or any other Bluetooth peripherals
> won't, quite frankly, make the least bit of difference in your life).
No need for that, right now...
> External video display capability with higher resolution than 1024 x
> 768 (you can only do display mirroring with the iBook; for the record,
> I've connected my Powerbook 12 inch to an external 17 inch monitor
> maybe twice since I bought it.... It's always on my lap, and I don't
> log monitors on the balcony or the living room).
Good point again!

I do have Powerpoint presentations to make in my courses at
school, using a projector...but just mirroring is just fine!
Of course, it seems that I still will have to buy a DVI to ADP
type of connector-adaptor to do this, but hey! Life ain' perfect...
> Weight (it's a tad heavier than the Aluminum 12 inch).
Oups...and...how much more?
> What do you gain by taking the iBook instead of the Powerbook ?:
> Better Airport performance (despite having improved the antenna
> location in the new aluminum Powerbooks, the polycarbonate iBooks still
> perform better with Airport - the plastic shell does not reduce
> transmission performance, and I've tested a few friends' iBooks where I
> got a much longer range - and stronger signal - than the Titanium 15
> inch or the 12, 15 and 17 inch Aluminum models).

This is a very good point in favor of the iBook for me, because
it is my principal means of connection here, at home.
> Much more robust case (you don't have to worry about shocks to the case
> and aluminum bending out of shape; those polycarb cases are nearly
> indestructible).

Yes, I like it...because sometimes, I'm tough with things!
> Money: you save enough to buy the RAM upgrade and the iPod, and still
> have pennies left over for coffee.

This is my view too!

> There are other differences; the Powerbook has a slightly faster bus
> and better video performance but, honestly, whoever needs that edge
> would have probably bought a 15 inch or a 17 inch Powerbook.

Very good point again!

But still, regarding of timing...anybody knows or have an
opinion, on when is due the next revision of the current iBook?
> Hope this helps.
> Chris
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