[P1] new iBook

Jon Patton joninjapan at aol.com
Thu May 6 16:13:08 PDT 2004

Have you tried iSync to sync your computers... of course your older 
computer needs to be running OSX too.

On 2004/05/07, at 4:28, Steven Rogers wrote:

> 2) I was reading the Getting Started manual (I know, what a dork ;)  
> and saw where it said to "never put anything on the keyboard" because 
> it can mash keys down and mess things up. However, I've had several 
> people tell me to be sure to buy a screen protector or at least stick 
> a piece of plastic between the keyboard and screen to keep the 
> keyboard from scarring the screen.  Any thoughts on the best way to 
> handle that?

I found it easiest to just use the piece of plastic/foam sheet that 
came with the computer originally... just trimmed off a centimeter so 
it fit the keyboard/palm rest area better so the lid can close...... 


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