[OFF] Re: [P1] email assurance replies spam

Tom R. no spam tr5374 at csc.albany.edu
Sun May 9 01:48:35 PDT 2004

I somewhat agree with Brian about that :-), but I was reading
recently about proposals for stopping spam and one seems to
be to force everyone to use and cooperate with such like
call-back approval to be able to email.  So I figured I'd
post and maybe get some sample of local opinions.  I should
have used the [OFF] though, certainly, for which I apologize.

On Sat, 8 May 2004, Brian Pearce wrote:
 . . .
> not directed at you), it's much more irritating to have to read the
> comments *about* these messages than to have to filter the messages
 . . .

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