[P1] Cameras

Small Moose Ltd small_moose_ltd at mac.com
Tue May 25 06:02:07 PDT 2004

Out of interest, what are today's cameras like as regards taking shots one
after the other? 

I've got an old Kodak DC210 super zoom made in '97-98. It uses compact flash
and takes pics at a max of just under a Megapixel. When I take a photo with
it, I have to wait about six seconds before the little light turns green so
I can take another shot.

Is this a limitation of the camera or the compact flash card? The card I use
is a Fuji 64Mb standard card (with the low spec of the camera I can take a
max of 230 shots before the card is full)

The agonising delay kills me, especially when trying to take pictures of
animals or the kids (there's a difference?).

Also, the low res is so noticeable. My sister has a 1.3Mp camera which is
much better, and my other sister has something better still, like a 1.5
I love their cameras, but would prefer something still higher. But if I were
to get a new camera, would I still suffer from the long delay between being
able to take pics? 

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