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Wayne wayne at fme.com
Tue May 25 06:17:52 PDT 2004

> Out of interest, what are today's cameras like as regards taking shots one
> after the other? 
> I've got an old Kodak DC210 super zoom made in '97-98. It uses compact flash
> and takes pics at a max of just under a Megapixel. When I take a photo with
> it, I have to wait about six seconds before the little light turns green so
> I can take another shot.

This is called Burst Mode, and most of the current cameras offer it. You
have to program the camera and it takes a series of shots one after another.
There are limitations on how many and the maximum resolution that can be
used which differ which each camera. This limitations are dictated by the
cameras internal memory and speed of the processor.

> Is this a limitation of the camera or the compact flash card? The card I use
> is a Fuji 64Mb standard card (with the low spec of the camera I can take a
> max of 230 shots before the card is full)

No, the compact flash does not make any difference except for use in high
end pro digital cameras (6 megapixel plus, typically priced $1000 and up).
Many memory companies market faster speed cf cards, but only these pro
cameras will benefit from the faster cards. All consumer digital cameras (@
priced $300 to $500 range,up to 4 to 5 megapixels). Save your money and get
a larger standard cf card unless you need it.

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