[P1] Networking a printer

Brian Pearce bpearce at cloud9.net
Tue May 25 14:43:11 PDT 2004

> Any suggestions? (By the way, the reason the printer is showing up on 
> the
> remote machine at all may be because it used to be connected to that 
> box, so
> it probably still has the drivers, and maybe it really isn't seeing 
> it?)

I think you only need to turn Printer Sharing on on the computer that's 
connected to the printer you want to share -- not both of them. When I 
was setting mine up, I recall that I physically plugged the printer 
into the remote computer and set everything up first (to make sure it 
was working) before trying to use it as a shared printer.

BRIAN/bpearce at cloud9.net

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