[P1] Questions Purchase ibook 800mhz ??

Gary joehardy at mac.com
Sun May 30 13:50:47 PDT 2004

First of all, is this a G4 or G3 iBook. There was an 800 MHz G3 made and the base G4 model now is 800 MHz and that is what I own and love.

The maximum RAM is 640 which is fine for all your purposes.
It has two USB ports. The G4 USB ports are USB 2.0 and work with either 1.0 or 2.0 USB peripherals.
There is one Firewire 400 port as well. 

I use my G4 (and, previously, my G3) iBook with DSL just fine. I enjoyed the fact that the DSL modem came with two setup disks and a note saying that OS X users didn't need the disks. :)

The G3 iBooks would boot in OS 9, at least mine which I bought in June of 2002 would.  G4 iBooks do not dual boot, but Classic works very smoothly in OS 10.3 so there's no problem with Classic (OS 9) applications.

As far as SCSI externals, no.  

On the plus side, $700 is an excellent price for either the iBook.  I'm typing this on the G3 I sold (and gave) to my parents when I bought my G4.  It's all they ever need and my G4 (which I got for the processing power for digital video) is all I need. At least at the moment.  :)

iMac - 700 MHz - 512 RAM - OS 10.3.4
iBook -G4 - 800 MHz - 640 RAM - OS 10.3.4

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