listening question

Terry Pogue tpogue at
Fri Jul 4 07:33:19 PDT 2003

When I first started using my iPod I would be willing to swear when I 
stopped listening and then started again it would start where I left 
off. That's has stopped working. I'm trying to listen to the new Harry 
Potter book. It's on a zillion CDs and I have loaded four at a time 
onto the iPod. It's divided into 3 or 4 minutes segments. If I turn the 
thing off for any reason, then turn it back on it starts all over at 
the beginning segment.I'm having a devil of a time finding my place. Is 
there a setting somewhere to change so it will bookmark when I left off.
OS 10.2.6
iMovie 3.-.3
iTunes 4.1
Safari 1.0 (v85)
10G iPod

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