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Robert Salter rsalter at
Fri Jul 4 11:19:11 PDT 2003

Thanks for your response. I am almost certain that the check box 
toggle were independent. I seem to recall having our "Christmas" song 
highlighted/checked/selected in the respective Playlist and the 
"Christmas" songs did not play when I used the master library because 
I was able to 'uncheck' them.   (or maybe I'm just loosing y mind). 
Thanks for your response.

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>Subject: [iTunes] Re: iTunes Library - Playlist
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>As far as I remember the check box has always been a global toggle for
>the song. It is very annoying, I filed it as a bug through the feedback
>box but I guess its actually a 'Feature'. :)
>On Wednesday, July 2, 2003, at 3:41 PM, Robert Salter
> || wrote:
>>  I just noticed that if I check (check mark) or un-check a song in my
>>  library, the same action takes plays for that same song in my
>>  corresponding Playlist (where I have added that particular song). And
>>  the same holds true for the song in the Playlist - if I check or
>>  unchecked the song in my Playlist, that same song is now checked or
>>  unchecked in the Library.
>>  I recently upgraded iTunes to version 4.01 (117) and started using an
>>  iPod. I seem to recall that prior to these two changes/additions, my
>>  Library and Playlist were independent from one another as it pertained
>>  to the check or un-check feature?
>>  Now, if I want to play the songs in one of my Playlists I have to
>>  select/check mark each song - which also check marks that same song(s)
>>  in my Library - so, for example if I just want to listen to our
>>  Christmas songs in the Playlist, I now have all the Christmas songs
>>  "checked" for play in the Library.
>>  I'll have to un-check the Christmas songs so they won't play in the
>>  master Library.
>>  I hope I made myself somewhat clear and would appreciate any
>  > suggestions and/or comments. Thank You.

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