[iTunes] Re: iTunes Folder

Kunga Kunga at FutureMedia.org
Tue Jul 29 20:07:40 PDT 2003

iTunes will recognize and remember as man hard drives as you have and 
add simultaneously. The idea that it only knows one must be some sort 
of urban legend. You tell iTunes where to put ripped CDs in the 
Advanced Preference Pane. You can CHANGE this location any time you you 
like. It will continue to remember all the previous locations where all 
the songs already in your library are located.

When you delete a song from the library it is only an ALIAS you are 
removing. You must go to the file in the folder of the album to delete 
the FILE if you really want to delete a song from your hard drive.

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On Tuesday, July 29, 2003, at 10:13  AM, The G wrote:

>> I don't know which version you're running, but as far as I know 
>> they'll all accept music from all over the place, even network 
>> drives. Just go to "Add Music To Library" under Files and steer it to 
>> the location.
>   But do you not then lose the ability to delete the song AND the file 
> from your hard drive when you delete it from the library? Not to 
> mention where would it 'copy' the new songs when you rip CDs...
>    I also have long wanted iTunes to recognize more than one folder, 
> somewhat similar to multiple scratch discs (ala Photoshop).

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