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Todd Masco itunes-list-local at
Thu Jul 31 19:55:57 PDT 2003

Travis asked:
> Now...tell me what is Genre?

Every song has a tag saying what genre the song is - Classical, Spoken, 
Rock, whatever.  You can see it in listings by using the menu item, 
"Edit -> View Options" and clicking by "Genre."

In fact, it's worth looking at all of the options there and seeing what 
you can do with "File -> New Smart Playlist".  Particularly powerful is 
using "Comment" "contains" [...].    For example, "Comment Contains 
'[Wife likes]'" AND "Comment Contains '[Kid hates]'" can be powerful 
(once you add the right comments to the right tracks, of course, which 
can be a daunting task unless you use Applescript.

Which reminds me, I'd love it if you could store ratings from more than 
one person.  I'd love to be able to easily play the songs that both I 
and my girlfriend both think are 5 stars.  I'm working on duplicating 
that functionality with comments, but it's a hack and smart playlists 
aren't *quite* smart enough (because they don't support compound logic 
but just simple logic).

	-- Todd

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