[iTunes] Re: iTunes 5 (was iTunes Folder)

Travis Martin tmartin198 at cox.net
Thu Jul 31 18:32:37 PDT 2003

I'm getting around it by using two beige G3's dedicated as music 
servers. One has classical, the other everything else. But either can 
see the other's library, and the other macs in the house see them both, 
so I have the effect of two completely separate libraries available to 
every computer. But it would be a bit easier to do it if iTunes 5 would 
support multiple libraries!

Now...tell me what is Genre?


On Thursday, July 31, 2003, at 08:24  PM, Todd Masco wrote:

> Travis wrote:
>> As far as I know you can stream to your other Macs now, as long as
>> everyone is using 10.2.4 or better and iTunes 4. I'm doing it at my
>> place...
> I wasn't clear about what I mean, I guess.  I mean, being able to 
> stream from the same Server A, items to Library A1 to Client B, and 
> items from Library A2 to Client C.  Right now you can only do that 
> with playlists from the same library, which (are you noted) is rather 
> unwieldy when you talking about large libraries of very incompatible 
> types of listening.  Sure, there are way around this with Genre and 
> automatic playlists, but it's not as elegant as I would like and has 
> other problems that I noted.

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