[iTunes] Re: Preserving ratings

Andrew Nye andrew at nye.tc
Mon Oct 20 14:15:17 PDT 2003

On Sunday, October 19, 2003, at 10:58  pm, Russ Harlan wrote:

> 1) Quit iTunes.
> 2) Copy all the files from the original iTunes music folder (most 
> likely located in your ~/Music directory, unless you changed it.) You 
> don't have to capture the music files themselves, just the other 
> files. Also, copy the iTunes preference files from 
> ~/Library/Preferences. These are named something like 
> "com.apple.itunes.plist." I think there are two of them.
> 3) Launch iTunes. You'll see all your old playlists, ratings, etc. Go 
> to Preferences in iTunes, choose advanced, and make sure that your 
> iTunes library is pointing to the directory that now holds your music 
> files.
> 4) Go to the Advanced menu and choose "Consolidate Library." You're 
> done.
> Hope that helps.

Thanks Russ - just the info I needed.


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