[iTunes] Locations Lost After Reinstall

Vincent Cayenne vcayenne at mac.com
Fri Nov 19 20:17:58 PST 2004

At 7:06 PM -0800 11/19/04, William Hill wrote:
>Do I have to sit here and select the location of each song, and then 
>go through the process of re-registering every purchased song??? 

I too reformatted my TiBook (a week ago). If indeed your music was, 
for some reason, scattered about in different locations, you probably 
will have to locate them. But, unless you've been really applying 
yourself to scattering them about, you should able to simply use the 
Add to Library command, navigate to and choose the iTunes Music 
folder and have everything OK in a few seconds.

And, unless you've been purchasing through multiple accounts, once 
you re-authorise one song, that should allow play of all of them.
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