[iTunes] My sit-u-ation [two airport cards at once]

Devil Doll devil_doll at warpmail.net
Tue Mar 15 12:15:54 PST 2005

>> If you set up the A-Exp as a wireless bridge, then the Powerbook would
>> connect to it. Unfortunately, the A-Exp will only connect to an Airport in
>> this mode (actually, there is apparently some convuluted way to bridge to a
>> non-Apple product, but it isn't easy to do and you probably need admin access
>> to the wireless router.
>> Ben
>> You can't connect to two wireless networks at the same time.... without using
>> a second wireless card.
>> _________________________________________
>> So, with 2 cards I could do it? How would Airport handle it?

OK, finally back online; I plugged in the second card in my PC card slot,
but the OS doesn't acknowledge it in Network/Airport prefs; when I reboot, I
get a kernel panic 

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