[iTunes] converting .aiff files to .mp3

Lynda Farabee farabee at sptc.net
Thu Sep 22 13:44:15 PDT 2005

At 1:21 PM -0700 9/22/05, tom dalbec wrote:
>There is a program that I've used called "audio hijack". I don't remember
>the cost, but, I don't think it was much. This will record the audio from
>certain programs, including windows media player, to your MAC in AIFF
>format. That AIFF file could then be opened in iTunes and then converted to

I'll keep it in mind, but supposedly this is what iTunes 
does....takes aiff and converts.  It used to work. It doesn't now.

>I hope I didn't misunderstand the original problem and hope this is of some

I appreciate anyone's random thoughts....thank you!

BTW, the exact message when I try to copy the aiff file to desktop 
off the original CD is:

The finder cannot complete the operation because some data in Track 
4.aiff could not be read or written. Error code -36

Yet, track 1 and 2 can be copy/pasted.  On this CD there are 5 
tracks.  Track 3, 4, & 5 cannot be pasted.  That would lead one to 
think it's the recorder, BUT....the PC CD-player can play it, the 
recorder is also a player and it can play it.  But the MAC can't 
altho it used to could!
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