[iTunes] applescripts for iTunes playlists

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Thu Feb 16 18:49:56 PST 2006

On 2/16/2006, Terry Pogue wrote: 

>I downloaded a nice little applescript which creates a textedit of  
>all the playlists. This is really helpful to me. I would love to be  
>able to print out a list of the tracks within a playlist. Is there an  
>applescript for that? Or a way to do it without having to delete have  
>the information which happens when I select all>copy>paste the info?

Command J to get the View Options menu. Select the information you want
to appear in your list. When you all>copy>paste only the info you want
will show.
Night Becomes Her
Across My Heart
Seems to Remind Me (of Love)
Painful Love
The Council of Elrond
The Kiss
The Tao of Love

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