[iTunes] IT WORKED/was applescripts for iTunes playlists

Terry Pogue tpogue at comcast.net
Sat Feb 18 08:19:40 PST 2006

That's terrific Bill. Now, to figure out how to actually create a  
script. I figured it was something the an Action in Photoshop but I  
have to learn the language.

Eating an artichoke is like getting to know someone really well.

On Feb 18, 2006, at 10:44 AM, Bill White wrote:

> Just for reference, I thought I'd outline the steps needed to  
> create and
> save an AppleScript for anyone else who might be curious.
> [1] Open Script Editor (should be in Application/AppleScript/Script  
> Editor)
> [2] Make a new window if one doesn't already exist and either type  
> or paste
> your script in that window.
> [3] Click "Compile" to make sure all is well. Click "Run" to run it.
> [4] If it does what you want, save it. There are several save  
> options but
> the two of most interest would be saving as a script or saving as an
> application. If you save as a script, then double-clicking the file  
> will
> open it in Script Editor; if you save as an application, double- 
> clicking the
> file will run it as if it was any other application (after all, it  
> is!).
> Note that if you save as an app, there will be three optional  
> checkboxes
> (Run Only, Stay Open, and Startup Screen) which should stay  
> unchecked for
> most purposes.
> Hope that helps. Happy scripting!
> Bill

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