[BTM] BT and 802.11b

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> >Does anyone have experience running BT near an 802.11b network? Any 
> >problems? Can a mac have both 802.11b and BT interfaces running 
> >continuously?
> I have had some problems when both the USB adapter (TDK BT), 
> iBook and airport hub (newer snow model) were less than a 
> meter apart from each other, this disappeared when the 
> distance increased...I have read this somewhere else as well.

This is most likely due to their relatively similar Bandwidth spectrums as
well as their close proximity acting together to create reflections which
are inducing enough harmonics to create signal interference and thus
disruption of comms. I find I have the same problem at home with my wife's
iBook and my PowerBook (both with Airport cards). When we sit together on
the couch, I can see the rest of the network in other parts of the house,
but not her. When I move to the chair (~8'-10' away) she reappears. Again,
signal reflection. As Robert mentioned, move them apart till your signal
improves. HTH.

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