[BTM] Recommendation for Mobile Phone

Richard McKay richard.mckay1 at virgin.net
Thu Dec 12 10:36:32 PST 2002

Am 12/12/02 15:25 schrieb "Joe Uselding" unter <juselding at vymac.com>:

>The biggest reason that
> they liked the 6340 was because it works with almost all data networks.  My
> problem is that there are too many cables and I would need additional
> software for the adapter.  It would make it a support nightmare for myself,
> I DON'T THINK SO..  I would like recommendations on which phone/phones you
> would recommend that are bluetooth compatible and that cingular supports.


I can only mention that the phones over here in Europe may have different
model numbers and specs but I use the Nokia 6310i for work and the Sony T68i
for personal use and both of these are bluetooth compatible, tri-band (work
in US/EU/Far East) and seem to be the standard over here for any serious
business needs...both have advantages and disadvantages but you should be
able to connect and transfer files/items with both using bluetooth/irda/data
cables (both have all three possibilities and there are USB cables
available) I find that the Nokia is user friendlier with fewer menus and
better button size for my big hands but it can not send email directly from
phone (only through PC) The Sony is light, small, and can send email
directly, has colour screen but it does not have as good of reception and
battery life is not as good as the Nokia (the above may vary with other
users but this is my personal experience) Mac related the sony is by far the
better interface currently but this may change...there are more shareware
mac programs for the sony/Entourage exchange IMHO...



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