[BTM] Recommendation for Mobile Phone

Joe Uselding juselding at vymac.com
Thu Dec 12 10:38:34 PST 2002

Thanks Richard, I appreciate the feedback.


on 12/12/02 12:36 PM, Richard McKay at richard.mckay1 at virgin.net wrote:

> Joe,
> I can only mention that the phones over here in Europe may have different
> model numbers and specs but I use the Nokia 6310i for work and the Sony T68i
> for personal use and both of these are bluetooth compatible, tri-band (work
> in US/EU/Far East) and seem to be the standard over here for any serious
> business needs...both have advantages and disadvantages but you should be
> able to connect and transfer files/items with both using bluetooth/irda/data
> cables (both have all three possibilities and there are USB cables
> available) I find that the Nokia is user friendlier with fewer menus and
> better button size for my big hands but it can not send email directly from
> phone (only through PC) The Sony is light, small, and can send email
> directly, has colour screen but it does not have as good of reception and
> battery life is not as good as the Nokia (the above may vary with other
> users but this is my personal experience) Mac related the sony is by far the
> better interface currently but this may change...there are more shareware
> mac programs for the sony/Entourage exchange IMHO...
> HTH,
> Richard

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