Tungsten won't sync with Desktop

Bruce Gerson bruce_gerson at mac.com
Sat Dec 14 20:45:29 PST 2002

I bought a Palm Tungsten and an IOGear Bluetooth (no phone yet) adapter 
yesterday and everything sync'ed up fine to the database on a G4 iMac 
(10.2.2).  This morning, I could no longer sync; HotSync on the Palm 
reports the following problem:

"Unable to initiate HotSync operation because the port is in use by 
another application."

So, I figured I would try it on the PowerBook G4.  It was just recently 
cleanly installed.  Unfortunately, once everything was setup like I had 
on the iMac, I get the same error attempting to HotSync.

I've restarted both the Palm and the PowerBook (G4, 10.2.2).  I've done 
a hard reset on the Palm.  I've started from scratch on the PowerBook.

No other Palm applications are using any of the ports and I don't find 
anything on the PowerBook (since it's been stripped of everything but 
Palm Desktop and Now Contact) using the Bluetooth port.  The devices 
pair up normally.

Am I overlooking something obvious to all of you?


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