Kensington PocketMouse Bluetooth Optical mouse

Stephen Jonke sjj_public at
Wed Jul 7 12:11:18 PDT 2004

I just got the new Kensington PocketMouse Bluetooth Optical on Tuesday. 
I'd been holding out for a Kensington. It has two buttons plus a 
(clickable) scrollwheel. In general I really like it and Kensington has 
great (optional) software. Setup was a breeze. One possible shortcoming 
is it doesn't have a power switch. I can't say whether or not the lack 
of a power switch is really a significant thing, though, since I only 
just got it and can't comment on battery life. It uses 2 AA batteries 
(included). It is a bit on the small side, smaller than the PocketMouse 
Pro Wireless, but I find it pretty comfortable to use anyway. YMMV, of 

Currently I'm using it with my PowerBook 667 MHz (VGA) and a D-Link 
DWB-120M USB bluetooth module, which is not the newer, but the older 
one. Apple only recommends/supports the newer D-Link with their 
mouse/keyboard and there are definitely some issues with this bluetooth 
module - for example Salling Clicker doesn't work if encryption is 
enabled - so it would not surprise me if the problems I'm going to note 
aren't there with newer bluetooth modules and/or Macs with built-in 
bluetooth. I should be getting a new(er) PowerBook with built-in 
bluetooth sometime soon and will find out then. Anyway... takes a substantial amount of time for the Mouse to start working 
after waking from sleep. On the order of 30 seconds, but I haven't 
timed it. Sometimes I see a "Connection Lost" message when first waking 
from sleep, other times I don't see that. For a second or two when it 
initially starts working the mouse seems to move like it's drunk, but 
then that clears up. Weird. Also, when booting up the computer the 
mouse does not work until I log in, then the mouse is found and starts 
working. Once you get past these hiccups the mouse performs beautifully 
- it tracks and responds like a wired mouse, much better than the 
PocketMouse Pro Wireless. Kensington's MouseWorks version 2.5.x 
software supports bluetooth mice and is excellent as always.

I'm told by Kensington that they will soon have a full size bluetooth 
mouse (based on the PilotMouse line) as well.


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