[iBook] What battery life are you getting?

Tom Legare Tom.Legare at comcast.net
Tue Sep 21 07:55:25 PDT 2004

Hello Folks,

On my 500MHz iBook running OS X 10.3.5 my battery life is only lasting 
about an hour these days.  When this computer was new, I could get 3.5 
hours in OS9 mode.  Now, it seems to get shorter and shorter with each 
updated version of OS X.

I can push a few extra minutes out of it by keeping the screen dimmer, 
and I already "refreshed" the battery using the NVRAM trick Dan 
mentioned on this list a couple weeks ago.

Is this just normal for an older model iBook running the newer OS?  Are 
you getting similar results or have suggestions to bring this battery 
back to life?



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