[iBook] iBook Wish List

Mike Wallinga mwallinga at mailup.net
Wed Sep 29 20:18:55 PDT 2004

Good point, Kirk.  I have an IBM ThinkPad T series laptop at work, which
has a resolution of 1400 * 1050, so I think I'm just getting used to the
extra screen space available on that screen.

But you're absolutely right, scaling that screen down to a different
resolution is not a good idea.  The ThinkPad screen looks dreadful at
1024 * 768.

So, maybe the iBook's screen as-is serves the majority of people better.
  And I'll probably need to get a stronger prescription for my contact
lenses if I continue to use the IBM laptop at work.  :-)

- Mike W.

Kirk McElhearn wrote:
> On 9/27/04 6:06 AM, "Mike Wallinga" <mwallinga at mailup.net> wrote:
>>So, if I could refresh the iBook line, I would keep a resolution of
>>1024*768 on the 12 inch model, and make the 14 inch screen 1280 * 1024.
>>Throw in the normal incremental processor, video, and disk upgrades, and
>>I'd be reaching for my wallet!  :-)
> I for one wouldn't be able to read what's on screen very well. The problem
> with LCD screens is that you can't change the resolution as you can on a
> CRT. I don't think a tighter resolution would suit most people.
> Kirk

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