[iBook] ibook/airport reception issue

/ dave / arouet at winternet.com
Thu Sep 30 10:54:21 PDT 2004

Mark Kippert wrote:

> I had the same problem on an earlier iBook with an original AirPort card.
> The antenna (or some part of it) was bad. It went back to Apple (under
> warranty) and they replaced the antenna and lead. The antenna is in the
> screen with the lead passing through the hinge,  so it's not exactly a
> do-it-yourself fix.

I've been suspecting it might be an antenna problem, so I'll probably 
pursue this angle. As an aside, I'd also heard there were some weird 
problems with reception after a recent Panther update, though I'm 
guessing that's got nothing to do with my situation. (I'd gotten my new 
iBook right around the time of the update...)

Thanks to everyone else for the comments re. my issue.

Is it still the case that things sent off for repair under Applecare are 
coming back pretty quickly?


/  dave  /

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