[iBook] Re: iBook Wish List

Charles Pearce charlesp at ksu.edu
Thu Sep 30 12:26:59 PDT 2004

On Sep 30, 2004, at 1:18 PM, William Carr wrote:
> Make that two of us.   I have this paranoid fear that Steve Jobs will 
> deliberately lock out 640 x 480 resolution on the future iBook line.
> I get terrible headaches from higher resolutions and special glasses 
> didn't help.   I use Photoshop by SwitchRezing up to 600 x 800 only to 
> save files:   back down again to avoid eyestrain.

Have you tried the zoom option in the Universal Access control panel 
(OSX)? It might help you with your eyestrain. I forget it's there, 
mostly. But when I remember, I find it helps.

Charles (charlesp at ksu.edu)

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