[iBook] Decision making help requested

Jean-Paul Thuot fearsome.orange at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 03:52:34 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I have an opportunity that I need some help with.  Here are the two
computers I could buy:

15" Powerbook (1+ year old, no extended Applecare)
1Ghz CPU
768mb RAM
60Gb HD
Combo drive
Bluetooth, AP Extreme, 800mb Firewire etc.
A bunch of (legal) software, MS Office, Photoshop CS etc.

or brand new:

12" iBook 
1.25 Ghz CPU
768mb RAM
60Gb HD
Combo drive
AP Extreme, 400mb Firewire etc.

They are both the same price: $1300 USD, where I am living right now
(Taiwan).  My friend (whose Powerbook it is) would take payments,
whereas the new iBook would need me to come up with the dough all at

I don't have all the money at this moment, so the Powerbook is looking
very attractive.  It's in excellent condition, my friend has babied it
and has had no problems with it.  In fact, he's just bought the same
iBook as listed above and when we tested opening various apps etc. on
both systems, it seemed like the Powerbook was snappier in many cases.

The heaviest usage my new system will experience is when I'm making
home movies, and Garageband composition.

I don't move around a lot with my current iBook, so the larger size
may be less of a problem than one might think.

The only thing that really puts me off is the lack of warranty on the Powerbook.

What say all of you?  I'd really appreciate your perspective on this.


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