[iBook] Decision making help requested

Richard Clark mawgadog at tin.it
Sat Apr 30 04:51:01 PDT 2005

i would personally go for the used one unless you really want 
portability which the 12 inch is good for.  That being said there might 
be some updates hardware wise on the new ibook but i think i would 
still go with the powerbook.

On 30 Apr 2005, at 12:52, Jean-Paul Thuot wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have an opportunity that I need some help with.  Here are the two
> computers I could buy:
> 15" Powerbook (1+ year old, no extended Applecare)
> 1Ghz CPU
> 768mb RAM
> 60Gb HD
> Combo drive
> Bluetooth, AP Extreme, 800mb Firewire etc.
> A bunch of (legal) software, MS Office, Photoshop CS etc.

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